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Nottinghamshire County Council employs around 16,000 staff and provides hundreds of different services. So it is not surprising that we need lots of buildings to keep them in. We own a diverse range of properties, including schools, libraries, sports grounds, care homes, maintenance depots and offices.

We own around 1,000 properties in Nottinghamshire, with a few just over the border into neighbouring counties. The exact number changes regularly, as properties are bought and sold as they are needed. Almost all properties are bought and sold on the open market - compulsory purchases are very rare. Have a look at our property auctions page to see the latest properties we are selling.

Our in-house team of property specialists are responsible for all aspects of property management, from purchase through to ongoing maintenance.  Our property database lets you see details of all the properties we own. You can search by district, by department or by type of property.

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