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The Overview Committee coordinates the programme of scrutiny work. It considers potential items for scrutiny, provides an initial scope and sets the terms of reference for reviews carried out by the committee.

The chair of the Overview Committee is Councillor Joyce Bosnjak.Photo of Cllr Joyce Bosnjak.

9 Councillors make up the Overview Committee:

  • Joyce Bosnjak (Chair)
  • Brian Wombwell (Vice Chair)
  • Martin Wright (Vice Chair)
  • Chris Barnfather
  • Ged Clarke
  • John Clarke
  • Wendy Quigley
  • Sue Saddington
  • Liz Yates

The committee meets every four weeks. Meetings are usually open for the public to attend. Further information - including agendas and minutes, times and venues of each meeting - can be found in the council diary.

The new statutory Councillor Call for Action means that any member of the County Council is able to put forward a topic for scrutiny to the overview committee and the committee also considers requests to 'call-in' decisions made by the cabinet.

The Scrutiny Co-ordinator is Martin Gately, e-mail:

A record of all decisions relating to the implementation of policies approved by the County Council.

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