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The County Council's work is shaped by three key strategies. These are:

Each strategy plays a different role in how we work.

Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy

The final version of Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy 2010-2020, with appendices, is available below. It was approved at the County Council meeting on 25 February 2010, following a period of consultation.

Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy 2010-2020 [PDF 3.6MB] pdf logo

A shortened leaflet version of Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy has also been published and is available:

Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy 2010-2020 leaflet [PDF 1MB] pdf logo


We would like to hear from you about what you think about the priorities identified, what you can do to help, and any activities you have been involved in to meet some of these priorities. A comments form is provided, together with an equality monitoring form.

It would be really helpful to us in our consultation and equality impact assessment work if you would consider completing the online form.

Your replies will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used to improve our service delivery.

For further information about Nottinghamshire's Sustainable Community Strategy please contact Alistair McGrady or Alison Brock

Tel: 0115 977 2183

The Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out our promise to the people of Nottinghamshire; our priorities for the next four years; and how we aim to support the people of our county to be aspirational, independent and to share with us responsibility for the future.

It complements the wider Nottinghamshire Sustainable Community Strategy.

View the Strategic Plan 2010-2014.

The Constitution

The Constitution sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, open and honest and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

View the Constitution.

For further information about our constitution please contact Jayne Francis, Service Director, Legal and Democratic Services.

Tel: 0115 977 3478

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