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The County Council provides a wide range of services to the community. The Statement of Accounts is:

  • a statutory, formal document which sets out a high level view of how the money has been spent and where the money has come from.
  • designed to meet specific government and accounting requirements, it is prepared with our auditors and so it is a technical document which means that it is not always easy to understand.

Should you require clarification of any part of the accounts you may contact the chief accountant, Nigel Stevenson, by email:

View the latest approved statement of accounts

The 2010/11 document is divided into the following sections:

The explanatory foreword

This sets out an overview of the year.

Independent Auditor’s Report

The independent auditor reviews the accounts to check that they present fairly the financial position of the Authority. The auditor reviews policies, procedures and systems to confirm that the Council has sound financial management.

Statement of Responsibilities

The Director of Resources sets out the responsibilities for financial affairs.

Statement of Approval by Chairman

The Chairman of the County Council signs that the accounts have been approved by full council.

Annual Governance Statement

The Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive set out the Council’s approach to sound financial control.

Statement of Accounting Policies

The accounting policies are the bedrock of the accounts, setting out our accounting approach.

Movement in Reserves Statement

This statement shows the movement in the year of the different reserves held by the authority, analysed into ‘usable reserves’ (i.e. those that can be applied to fund expenditure or reduce local taxation) and other reserves.

Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement

This summarises the resources that have been generated and consumed in providing services and managing the Authority during the last year. It includes all day-to-day expenses and related income on an accruals basis, as well as transactions measuring the value of fixed assets actually consumed and real projected value of retirement benefits earned by employees in the year.

Balance Sheet

This sets out the assets and liabilities of the Council.

Cash Flow Statement

The cash and cash equivalent movements in and out of the Authority.

Notes to the Accounts

These give more detailed information about the financial activities.

Group Financial Statements and Notes

The Group Financial Statements consolidate the accounts of the Council together with those of companies over which the County Council wields a formal influence.

Pension Funds Accounts

The Local Government Pension Scheme, covering local authority and other staff within Nottinghamshire whose employers are members of the scheme.

Previous statements of accounts

Financial report 2010/11

The financial report gives details of where the money we spend comes from, and how we spend it.
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