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Council Tax contributes towards the cost of services provided by:

Services like:

  • Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals
  • social security and benefits
  • major roads (like motorways)
  • the Environment Agency

are not paid for by Council Tax.

Listed below are some examples of the kinds of services provided by different councils.

County Council District Council Parish Council
Schools Refuse collection Tourism
Social Services (old people's homes, meals on wheels, home helps, children's homes, social workers, day centres etc) Parks, leisure centres, swimming pools etc Village halls and community facilities
Libraries Collecting Council Tax Footpaths and bridleways
Roads Pest control Parks and open spaces
Waste disposal Housing Cemeteries
Country parks   Public conveniences
Trading Standards   Car parks
Registrars (births, marriages, deaths)   War memorials and other monuments

For more information about the different councils and council services in Nottinghamshire, see our information on Local Councils.

If you live in the city of Nottingham, then all of your council services are provided by Nottingham City Council. See their website at: for information about Council Tax and council services in the city of Nottingham.

Council Tax 2012/13

How much is my council tax?

For detailed council tax information and our spending plans for 2012/13, download the Your services, your council tax 2012/13 [PDF]

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