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The current Chairman is Councillor Keith Walker.

The current Vice Chairman is Councillor Carol Pepper

The Chairman of the County Council:

  • Is elected by the Members of the County Council and becomes Chairman at the County Council Annual General Meeting in May of each year. A ceremony is performed prior to the AGM, when the Chain of Office is removed from the out-going Chairman and placed around the neck of the new Chairman. The new Chairman is proposed by a member of his/her own party and seconded by a member of the opposition. Following the Chain of Office Ceremony, the out-going Chairman unveils a portrait of the incoming Chairman
  • Holds the Office of Chairman for, usually, one year before returning to a position as a backbench Member (unless elected to a Chairman/Vice Chairman position of a Committee)
  • Is the Civic Head of the County Council. In this capacity he/she is invited to represent the Council at a large number of functions organised by firms, churches, clubs, schools and many other organisations throughout the County. The Chairman also attends many events which are organised by County Council Departments such as the opening of new community homes, schools, youth clubs, and craft exhibitions
  • Is the 'first citizen' of the County of Nottinghamshire.
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