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Staff turnover in the Independent Sector can be a big issue. The reasons for staff leaving is not always clear.

The Workforce Planning Team have developed this leaver process resource pack to help managers tackle this issue.

The pack is split into sections and you can pick and choose the tools you need for your particular situation. You can customise the forms with your own logos and adapt the questions if you need to.

However, please do not change any sections that relate to the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) categories.

Leaver process flowchart

Illustrates a leaver process and how the various materials fit together.

Preparations for exit interviews for leavers

Leavers can be given any one of three forms to complete before their exit interview. The forms can help leavers think about the issues and reasons of why they are leaving. These forms also help structure the exit interview.

The exit interview for managers

Sample form for managers to use as part of the exit interview. ‘Leaver Destination’ categories correspond to NMDS-SC and should not be changed.

Leaver questionnaire

This should be used if an exit interview is not possible. Make sure that the leaver knows where to return the form to. Enclosing a stamped addressed envelope helps to ensure return.

'Linking actions to issues' form

To help managers take action after identifying the underlying reasons for people leaving.

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