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Information about work placements and how they could benefit your organisation.

What is a work placement?

Work placements provide people with a real-life insight into the world of work.

Placement lengths can vary from as little as one week up to several months and will usually (but not always) form part of a qualification in health and social care.

The aim of a placement is to promote your area of work and potentially secure a new social care recruit.

Benefits of work placements

Benefits for trainees include:

  • real-life insight into working in social care
  • opportunity to ask questions about social care
  • development of new skills to support future job applications
  • contribute to qualifications such as apprenticeships or the new Diploma in Society, Health and Development
  • opportunity to broaden your knowledge about health and social care.

Benefits for employers include:

  • opportunity to promote your organisation
  • opportunity to raise awareness of careers in care and help create a workforce who are ready for the demands of the future
  • a chance to develop you and your staff as mentors
  • scope to teach future recruits about the benefits and realities of working within social care.

How can I apply for a work placement?

Find out more about how to apply for a placement within social care.

How can I offer work a placement?

Find out more about how to offer a work placement within your organisation.

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