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We can help you create your workforce plan and support you and your organisation in the future.

Can I get help with my workforce plan?

Workforce Planning Officers will work with you and your care organisation to create your workforce plan. They will encourage and support you in planning ahead and overcoming any challenges.

Workforce planning visits

We can visit you at work, attend provider meetings and County Council events and run workshops on topics you have told us you need support with.

Workforce planning templates

We will provide you with an easy to use workforce planning template.

This template brings together your National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-sc) information with recruitment, retention and training information to look at the issues you face. It allows you to break down the challenges you face into achievable actions.

The workforce planning template comes in two versions:

If you already have a workforce plan, and you think it needs updating or reviewing, you can download our Review template word logo [75Kb] to help you.

Request a visit

If you have not completed your workforce plan, contact us and we will be happy to come and help. This visit should last about two hours.

Workforce planning workshops

We will be running workshops for providers who already have a plan. This will allow you to review your actions and look at how we can best support you.

There will also be support on business marketing and change management.

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