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We provide a wide range of training courses to help develop the social care workforce in Nottinghamshire.

Who are the training courses for?

Our training courses are open to you if:

  • you are from a private, voluntary or independent sector organisation providing adult social care and health services
  • your organisation/team has a current contract with either Nottinghamshire County Council or Nottingham City Council.

Is there a cost for the training?

The courses are free for anyone who meets the above conditions.

Where is the training held?

We use a range of venues throughout the county, but if you find getting to our courses difficult, it is possible to arrange in-house training.

Useful course information and downloads

  • Our training flyer pdf logo [122Kb] lists all of current courses. It includes venue details and a booking form.
  • The course outlines page gives more information about what each course covers.
  • We have a contract [43Kb] that explains what you can expect from the training and what your responsibilities are.
  • Our newsletters give the latest news on courses.

What do you think of our training?

Please visit our feedback page and let us know what you think of our training.

Who organises the training?

The training is organised by the Nottinghamshire Partnership for Social Care Workforce Development.

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