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The equality implications of the service review proposals for service users, other stakeholders and County Council employees are currently being considered through an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) process that is being undertaken during the consultation process.This is being undertaken as part of two independent exercises:

1) The Human Resources (HR) policies that will be applied to any staffing reductions are the subject of Equality Impact Assessments being undertaken by the Council's human resources team.

2) An initial, high level equality impact assessment process has been undertaken on the service review proposals based on information currently available (as presented in summary business cases reported to the 21st October Council meeting). This has involved:

  • Undertaking an initial equality impact screening process on service review proposals, to consider whether all service users will be affected equally, or whether some proposals may lead to a potential ‘differential impact’ (ie may unfairly impact on one or more particular users of the service by, age, disability, gender, race and ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation and social exclusion - known as protected characteristics).
  • Undertaking an initial group equality impact assessment on themed groups of service review proposals, depending on their nature, so that their overall impact can be considered, in particular the impact of those proposals where a potential differential impact had been identified.

The groupings assessed were:

The equality impact assessments will be included in the 15th December Cabinet meeting as background papers.

The assessments have been carried out in accordance with the Council’s equality policy. Nottinghamshire County Council is committed to equality and fairness in both how it delivers services and in its employment practices.

Where any potential adverse or negative impacts on people with protected characteristics have been identified at this stage through the initial equality impact assessment process, an action plan to reduce or remove such adverse impacts has been recommended. Both implementation of and measurement/evaluation against action plans will be the responsibility of relevant departments within the Council.

Following the end of the statutory consultation period for the service review consultation exercise (21st January 2011), each group equality impact assessment will be reviewed in order to identify any consultation feedback that needs to be acted upon. An umbrella response will be reported to the February 2010 Council meeting.

The Group EqIAs will also be reviewed in 12 months' time to establish whether any adverse impacts have emerged disaggregated against protected characteristics, though it may be necessary in some cases for more detailed EqIAs to be undertaken on some of the proposals in the meantime, as they are developed.

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