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February 2012

Helen Dunmore - The Greatcoat

This ghost story set in the 1950s sounds suitably shivery. A young wife moves to Yorkshire with her GP husband and feels the cold during the harsh winter. An old RAF greatcoat she finds in the back of the cupboard seems just the thing to keep her warm, but things aren’t quite so straightforward…

Harriet Lane - Alys, always.jpg

Frances has a routine, lowly job on the book pages of a newspaper; until one day she witnesses the aftermath of a car crash and hears the dying words of Alys Kyte. Later when Alys’ family get in touch she finds the situation may be turned to her advantage.

Peter May - The Lewis Man.jpg

When a body is recovered from a peat bog on the island, the corpse is at first believed to be 2,000 years old. Investigations soon show that the man is related to a local family and that the death took place much more recently. Sequel to “The Blackhouse”.

Jon McGregor - This isn't the sort of thing that happens to someone like you

A collection of short stories set in Lincolnshire which all deal with hidden things and the unfamiliarity of places we think we know well.

Tony Parsons - Catching the sun

After tackling two burglars in his own home and ending up facing charges himself, Tom decides to take his family and re-locate to Paradise (Thailand really). But will this be a dream come true, despite man-made and natural disasters?

Bethan Roberts - My policeman

This story, set in Brighton in the 1950s at a time when society was hostile to homosexuality, of a young woman in love with a man who has other claims on his affections, is inspired by the life of E M Forster.

Sue Townsend - The woman who went to bed for a year

2012 is the 30th anniversary of “The secret diary of Adrian Mole”, but Sue Townsend has lost none of her talent for comic writing. When her children leave home, Eva takes to her bed and stays there, causing much consternation to her family, but finding that after decades of being taken for granted by everyone, she is beginning to discover who she really is.

More Good Reads this Month

Ann Cleeves - The glass room

Josephine Cox - Three letters

Michael Dobbs - The sentimental traitor

Raymond E Feist - A crown imperilled

Lisa Gardner - Catch me

Sophie Hannah - Kind of cruel

Sophie Kinsella - I’ve got your number

Elmore Leonard - Raylan

Jodi Picoult - Lone wolf

Matthew Reilly - Scarecrow and the army of thieves

J D Robb - Celebrity in death

Joanna Trollope - The soldier's wife

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