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Statutory annual consultation

All schools in Nottinghamshire which are their own admissions authority have been invited to post their determined admission arrangements for 2011/2012 on this site.

The County Council determined the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools on 15 April 2010, together with the co-ordinated schemes and fair access protocol.

Click on the links below to find the determined arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools across Nottinghamshire and for the academy, voluntary aided and foundation schools in each of the district council areas.

Click on the links below to find the determined arrangements for voluntary aided, foundation schools and the Academy in each of the district council areas. You can also access the standard catcholic criteria and supplementary forms for both primary and secondary schools.

Standard Catholic criteria and supplementary form (Primary)
Standard Catholic criteria and supplementary form (Secondary)

The co-ordinated schemes are a mechanism to ensure that every parent or carer resident in Nottinghamshire who has applied for a school place for their child receives, where possible, a single offer of a school place. It is intended to make admission to school easier, more transparent and less stressful for all parents and carers. Copies of the scheme are available in the full committee report above.

Nottinghamshire’s admissions protocol for secondary schools (fair access protocol) covers all children within the county who transfer from primary to secondary schools, or who transfer between secondary schools (including special schools and the Nottinghamshire Learning Centre). Full details are enclosed within the committee report above. It describes the special arrangement for ‘hard to place pupils’. It aims to provide a professional and transparent way for all concerned to see that there is a recognised and agreed fairness about admissions and transfer processes.

Determined admission arrangements within Nottingham City

The Nottingham City Council has offered to distribute the admission arrangements for any Academy, VA, Trust or Foundation school in the Nottingham City area to all parties that are required to be consulted with.

Therefore, a webpage has been set up in order for you to access the determined admission arrangements for all schools within the City. Click on this link to view the webpage:

Primary and secondary school admissions and appeals: A guide for parents

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has published a new guide for parents on school admissions and appeals.

The guide outlines the school admissions and appeals processes: what parents can expect from the admissions system, how to object to unlawful arrangements, and how to find further information and support. Copies of the guide can be downloaded from

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