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Chaperones act 'in loco parentis' and should take care of a child in the same way as a good parent or guardian would be expected to.

Application for a chaperone licence must be made to the LEA in whose area the prospective chaperone lives. Various checks need to be made so the time between the LEA receiving an application and the issuing of a chaperone licence can take a while - please allow for this.

Responsibilities of a Chaperone

  • A chaperone's first priority is always to the child
  • A chaperone is the key person to whom the child looks to for guidance, protection, clarification and support
  • One of a chaperone's greatest strengths is their ability to negotiate with the production company on site and be able to say no when what is being requested of the child is contrary or detrimental to either the child's health, well-being or education. For example, asking a child to stay at a place of performance over and above the hours or times laid down in either the child's licence or the regulations would not be acceptable
  • At no time should a child perform if unwell
  • Chaperones should keep a note of important contacts, such as their licensing authority, the child's licensing authority, the LEA in whose area the child is performing, the child's agent and the child's parent or guardian
  • The maximum number of children chaperones are allowed to have in their care at any one time is 12. But this may be too many if there is a range of different ages. We recommend 8 children as a maximum in most cases
  • The child should not perform if a licence has not been granted, unless they fall within the exemption period
  • Chaperones should not presume that a child is licensed. Always ask to see a child's licence when they arrive at a place of performance
  • If the production company cannot prove that a child is licensed chaperones should contact the child's LEA urgently
  • Production companies must log certain activities during a performance such as arrival and departure times at the place of the performance etc.

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