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For many years Nottinghamshire has been noted for the quality and standard of its education service and for the many developments it has pioneered.

If, like us, you are keen to make a real difference to people's lives then we'd like you to consider joining us to help maintain and improve the quality of education in Nottinghamshire.

Why choose Nottinghamshire?

Nottinghamshire is a rewarding place to teach and an exciting place to live. As part of a top quality and effective education service, you can be sure that your professional development will be one of our top priorities.

And when you're not working, you'll be able to enjoy the special quality of life that Nottinghamshire offers including the thriving city centre and some of the UK's most beautiful countryside.

If you are passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people through education, and keen to establish a quality lifestyle, Nottinghamshire is the place to be.

Teaching in Nottinghamshire

As a teacher you will have opportunities to work in a wide range of schools - infant, junior, primary and comprehensives as well as special schools and sixth forms. Our schools serve many different types of communities from small rural villages to market towns and bustling urban centres.

The Local Authority works in close partnership with its schools to offer the full range of support services and a wide variety of professional development activities and advice.

Newly qualified teachers in Nottinghamshire

For newly qualified teachers in Nottinghamshire, we guarantee an excellent package of professional support and development from both the school and the Local Authority.

If you are a newly qualified teacher you will benefit from an induction programme which is based on:

  • An active role for you, enabling you to ensure that your own needs are met
  • Support from a designated induction tutor
  • Professional observation, feedback and structured review of your progress, and opportunities for you to observe your experienced colleagues
  • A range of other targeted professional development opportunities.

We work closely with our schools and with the professional associations to ensure that all our NQTs have the support they need and give prompt help and advice if problems arise.

As your career develops, there will be further opportunities for you to widen your experience and take advantage of our comprehensive range of professional development opportunities. Nottinghamshire teachers also benefit from our close links with Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Universities as well as the National College of School Leadership which is based in Nottingham.

Applying to teach in Nottinghamshire

Finding the vacancies

Permanent posts are usually advertised in the Times Educational Supplement and all are included in our own vacancy list, the Education Advertiser, which is published every week during term-time on the job vacancies section of this website.

Finding a school

What's hot in Notts

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News from Nottinghamshire

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Property in Nottinghamshire

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