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Multi-Agency Thresholds Guidance

Pathway to Provision Briefing Slides and Delivery Notes

Pathway to Provision briefing slides and delivery notes are now available to share with your team. If you would like to save the presentation, right click on the link, then click 'save target as' and it will allow you to save the presentation to your desktop or memory stick.

On 24 August 2010, the Nottinghamshire Pathway to Provision, along with the Common Assessment Framework and Joint Access Team Handbooks were approved by the Improvement Safeguarding Board on behalf of the Children's Trust Board and the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board. These three separate resources aim to provide clear guidance for the children's workforce to ensure consistent practice across Nottinghamshire.

Pathway to Provision

The Pathway to Provision is a two part resource which includes a multi-agency threshold guidance document and an on-line resource available through the Family Service Directory.

The Pathway to Provision multi-agency threshold guidance has four sections which include:

Section A - this section outlines the Nottinghamshire Continuum of Children and Young People’s Needs, which provides a framework for pracititioners to use when identifying the needs and vulnerabilities of children and young people.

Joint Access Team and CAF diagram

Nottinghamshire Continuum of Children and Young People's Needs

Section B - this section provides definitions and indicators for practitioners to assist in the identification of levels of need for children and young people. It also includes guidance on when to commence the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) process and/or make a referral to a Joint Access Team (JAT) along with guidance on thresholds for Social Care.

Section C - this section outlines the Pathway to Provision at the four levels detailed in the diagram above. Information about service provision is included in the Pathway to Provision online resource.

Section D - this section provides a number of appendices including the Step Up and Step Down Process for when referrals are made into Children's Social Care and when support from Children's Social Care is coming to an end. Other appendices provide an overview of the Common Assessment Framework and the Joint Access Teams along with a glossary to support Section C.

Pathway to Provision On-line Resource

The online resource allows you to search for appropriate services to meet the identified needs of children, young people and their families in Nottinghamshire. The provision of a range of services will be mapped against the four levels of the Nottinghamshire Continuum of Children and Young People's Needs. This will support practitioners to make appropriate referrals. The online resource also provides information on how services can be accessed including their referral criteria.

Joint Access Team Handbook

Over the last three years, 42 Joint Access Teams have been established across Nottinghamshire, and the JAT Handbook aims to reflect the best practice amongst JATs. It is important that all children, young people and their families receive a consistent service regardless of the location. The JAT Handbook provides key guidance on a range of areas including:

  • The process of a JAT meeting
  • The core membership of the JAT
  • The roles and responsibilities of the JAT Chair and the JAT Administrator
  • Information sharing
  • The involvement of children, young people and their families in the JAT process.

For further information please visit the JAT web pages.

Common Assessment Framework Handbook

The CAF handbook provides essential information to support practitioners through the CAF process when working with children, young people and their families in Nottinghamshire. It is split into three main themes which are:

  • Common Assessment Framework
  • Lead Professional
  • Quality Assurance for the Common Assessment Framework.

It is essential that all CAFs are logged with the Early Intervention Team. Please phone 01623 433291 to find out if a CAF has already been initiated or to log the CAF you are completing. Please see the Using the CAF leaflet for more details.

For more information about the Common Assessment Framework please visit the CAF web pages.