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The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a holistic assessment tool that can be used by all services working with children and young people. The CAF supports practitioners to work in partnership with parents/carers, children and young people to identify strengths, needs and goals. It can be shared between agencies/services, with parental and/or child/young person’s consent and used to plan coordinated multi-agency support and actions.

Please visit the CAF resources page to download copies of the documents used in Nottinghamshire. If you would like to download national resources, visit our national guidance page.

CAF Briefing

A CAF briefing presentation is available for use within your service. You may wish to use this presentation as an introduction to the CAF process as part of your induction programme or for staff who may need to know about the CAF process but are unlikely to complete the assessment as part of their role. If you would like to save the presentation, right click on the link below then click 'save target as' and it will allow you to save the presentation to your desktop or memory stick.

CAF briefing slides CAF briefing slides [PPT 10703KB]
CAF briefing delivery notes delivery notes [PDF 806KB]

If you would like to attend CAF or Lead Professional training please visit the CAF training web page.

For more information about CAF Champions and forthcoming events, please visit the CAF Champions page.

The Pathway to Provision webpage provides threshold information to identify the level of need of children and young people. The Joint Access Team webpages detail information about meeting dates and contact information for your local Joint Access Team (JAT).

If you would like to discuss any aspect of CAF developments in Nottinghamshire, please contact us:
Tel: 01623 433181

Common Assessment Framework Handbook

Pathway to Provision Multi-Agency Thresholds Guidance

Joint Access Team Handbook

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