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What does 'Looked After' mean?

It means "cared for by us" (Nottinghamshire County Council).  The law says that the Council must look after young people who cannot live with their families.

Why do we look after children and young people?

It can be for all sorts of reasons, but generally it is because either their parents or the court think that it is best for the young person at the time.

What happens when you are looked after?

Most children and young people will be looked after by foster carers. For a small number of older children, residential care maybe more suitable. After an assessment of the situation, a plan is made, with the help of the family and child wherever possible. Mostly, the plan is to help them return home. Where this is not possible, the plan may need to be adoption or long term fostering.

Are you being looked after by us? Do you want to have your say in how you are helped?

Are you being looked after? The "Listen 4 a Change!" group makes sure that managers in the Children and Young People's Department know exactly what it's like to be in care. The group is run by young people who would like to hear from other young people looked after by the County Council.

For more information, have a look at the Listen 4 a Change! mini-site or tel: 0115 977 3071.

What happens when you leave care?

We offer a range of services for young people when they leave care. The type of help we provide depends on how old you are, and how long you were in care.

How can I find out more?

If you are already being looked after by us, you can talk to your social worker or the adults you live with about any problems or questions you have. Lots of information is available, and your Social Worker will be able to help you.

Wherever you live whilst you are being looked after, you have a right to see your Social Worker alone every time they visit.

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