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On 5 July, 2010 the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, announced in parliament that there would be a complete overhaul of capital investment in schools. The outcome of this has now ended the BSF Programme set up under the previous Government.

There is obvious disappointment that Nottinghamshire will not receive its planned £150 million share of BSF investment for our first wave of nine schools. However, the Council understands the financial circumstances that the Government now faces that have led to this decision.

A government review into how best to manage future capital investment in schools is due to report in September and this will guide the government’s next Spending Review period.

Ensuring young people attend good schools still remains a priority for the County Council. To this end, officers in the department have been asked to undertake a review of the entire school estate and establish the worst elements of our school buildings so that any future capital investment is focused on addressing our worst school buildings in the most effective way.

Please Note: Due to the cancellation of Building Schools for the Future, from 16 August 2010 the BSF section of this website is no longer available.

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