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Listed below are the background papers that summarise much of the evidence used to define the Issues and Options set out in the Minerals Local Plan.  These cover individual minerals or a strategic planning issue.

Individual mineral background papers can be downloaded in PDF format below. Some of the documents are very large and may take a while to download.

Individual minerals

Aggregates - estimating future requirements background paper [PDF 1.5MB]pdf logo

Aggregates - limestone background paper [PDF 8MB]pdf logo

Aggregates - sand and gravel background paper [PDF 2.7MB]pdf logo

Aggregates - Sherwood Sandstone background paper [PDF 1.8MB]pdf logo

Alternative aggregates background paper [PDF 6.2MB]pdf logo

Brick clay background paper [PDF 13.6MB]pdf logo

Building stone background paper [PDF 1.1MB]pdf logo

Coal background paper [PDF 11MB]pdf logo

Gypsum background paper [PDF 13.8MB]pdf logo

Hydrocarbons - oil and gas background paper [PDF 8.7MB]pdf logo

Industrial dolomite background paper [PDF 16.4MB]pdf logo

Silica Sand background paper [PDF 255KB]pdf logo

Strategic planning issues

Archaeology background paper [PDF 915KB]pdf logo

Biodiversity background paper [PDF 3.2MB]pdf logo

Development management policies background paper [PDF 1.7MB]pdf logo

Landscape character background paper [PDF 1MB]pdf logo

Minerals safeguarding MSA background paper [PDF 7MB] (excludes appendices)pdf logo
See below for appendices:

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