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The Waste Local Plan for Nottinghamshire was adopted January 2002 and forms part of the overall development framework for Nottinghamshire along with the Structure Plan, Minerals Local Plan, District Local Plans and Nottingham City's Local Plan.

The Waste Local Plan was jointly produced by Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council and covers the whole of Nottinghamshire.

It sets out the broad land use framework for future waste management in Nottinghamshire and covers all forms of waste including household, commercial, industrial and construction wastes.

The plan identifies potential future sites for new facilities such as waste transfer, recycling, composting, energy recovery and landfill. It also sets out the detailed environmental and other criteria against which all applications for waste management will be judged.

The plan's strategy is to encourage waste management options that minimise the environmental disturbance while ensuring an adequate number and mix of sites to meet Nottinghamshire's needs. The current plan is therefore based on four key objectives:

  • Protecting the environment.
  • The efficient use of resources.
  • Controlling pollution.
  • Encouraging public awareness and involvement.

The complete Waste Local Plan and individual chapters are available here.

N.B. Several policies have now lapsed and are deleted from the Waste Local Plan (please see section on Saved Policies below).


A monitoring report [PDF 609KB] pdf logo on the performance of the Waste Local Plan was published in September 2004.  The report looks at the effectiveness of current policies and looks at key areas of change. More recent Annual Monitoring Reports have since been prepared under the new Mineral and Waste Development Framework system.

Minerals and Waste Development Framework .

Review and replacement of the Waste Local Plan

The Waste Local Plan period extended to 2004 and work is now underway preparing replacement planning documents under the new development framework system.  For details of current timetable of all documents see the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme 2007 [PDF 748KB] pdf logo .  To see details of progress in preparing these documents please click on the Waste Development Plan Documents icon below.

A new interactive local development framework service is currently being developed. This will allow you to make comments on policies and text within development documents that are open for consultation and view an interactive proposals map.

Saving Policies in the Waste Local Plan  

Under the new planning system policies in the Waste Local Plan could only be saved beyond 27 September 2007 if directed by the Secretary of State. Following submissions by the County and City Councils the Secretary of State has now directed that all Waste Local Plan policies be saved until replaced by new adopted policies, with the following three exceptions listed below:

Expired Waste Local Plan Policies:

W2.1 Hierarchy of Waste Management Options
W3.2 Planning Obligations
W3.24 Protected Species

Details of the County Councils request to the Secretary of State to save the Waste Local Plan policies can be viewed on the Local Development Framework Archive page.

For further information about the Waste Local Plan, please contact us

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