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Waste Core Strategy - Proposed Submission

We consulted on the Proposed Submission Draft between 5 March 2012 and 30 April 2012

draft Waste Core Strategy [PDF 8.8MB]pdf logo

Technical and background documents to Waste Core Strategy

Sustainability Appraisal

SFRA - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment [PDF 2.MB]pdf logo

HRA - Habitats Regulations Assessment pre-screening [PDF 821KB]pdf logo

Statement of consultation measures and responses [PDF 112KB]pdf logo

Defra Commercial and Industrial Waste Survey 2009 Report [PDF 2.0KB]pdf logo

Estimates of Nottinghamshire Waste Arisings based on RPS study of East Midlands Councils 2010 [PDF 107KB]pdf logo

RPS Waste Arisings Data Study for Nottinghamshire incl. Nottingham Phase 1 [PDF 207KB]pdf logo

RPS Comprehensive Assessment of Existing and Required Waste treatment Capacity in East Midlands [PDF 1.1MB]pdf logo

Background Paper 1 - Summary of Waste Arisings Estimates [PDF 67KB]pdf logo

List of Existing Waste Management Sites in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham [PDF 38KB]pdf logo

East Midlands Landfill Inputs 2010 [PDF 12KB]pdf logo

East Midlands Landfill Capacity 2010 [PDF 12KB]pdf logo

East Midlands Transfer Treatment & MRS Input 2010 [PDF 12KB]pdf logo

East Midlands Incineration Input & Capacity 2010 [PDF 16KB]pdf logo

East Midlands Land Disposal 2010 [PDF 12KB]pdf logo

HRA for Waste Core Strategy - Final Screening Report March 2012 [PDF 1.6MB]pdf logo

Statement on the Duty to Cooperate [PDF 1MB]pdf logo

Minerals Local Plan - Issues and Options Consultation - February 2012

We consulted on the Issues and Options for the Minerals Local Plan between 27 January and 30 March 2012.

Issues and Options - Full Consultation document [PDF 13.5MB]pdf logo

Issues and Options - Minerals Consultation Leaflet [PDF 2.0MB]pdf logo

Issues and Options - Individual Background Papers

Issues and Options - Technical documents

Waste Core Strategy – preferred approach – July 2011

We consulted on the preferred approach for the Waste Core Strategy between 22 July and 16 September 2011.

Preferred approach – Main document [PDF 4897KB pdf logo

Preferred approach – Summary leaflet [PDF 2160KB] pdf logo

Sustainability Appraisal

Background information

Waste Core Strategy - further issues and options - September 2010

We consulted on ‘further issues and options' between 3 September and 29 October 2010. This additional issues and options stage looked at some of the main issues in more detail and helped to provide more evidence about broad locations for development and the deliverability of each of the options.

Further Issues and Options Consultation - Main Document [PDF 4.5MB] pdf logo

Further Issues and Options Consultation - Main Document Errata [PDF 36KB] pdf logo

Further Isues and Options - Summary Leaflet [PDF 1.13MB] pdf logo

Further issues and options – Summary of Consultation statement [PDF 61KB] pdf logo

Waste Core Strategy - issues and options - October 2006

We consulted on ‘issues and options’ between October and December 2006.

This was the first stage of consultation on the Waste Core Strategy. It looked at key issues such as how much capacity we might need in Nottinghamshire, the different waste management technologies and where new sites might be needed.

Issues and Options - Main Document [PDF 160KB] pdf logo

Issues and Options - Summary of Responses [PDF 567KB] pdf logo

Issues and Options - Background Papers 1 – 10

Scoping Report

Minerals Safeguarding

In April 2009 the County Council carried out targeted consultations on the evidence base that will support future minerals safeguarding policies.

The consultation exercise has now ended but you can view draft documents that were consulted on below:

Nottinghamshire Mineral Safeguarding Area (MSA) Background Paper [PDF 3.7MB] pdf logo

MSA Background Paper Appendix 1 [PDF 44KB] pdf logo

MSA Background Paper Appendix 2 [PDF 1MB] pdf logo

MSA Background Paper Appendix 3 [PDF 2.3MB] pdf logo

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