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The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme sets out what formal minerals and waste plans and other related documents will be prepared and when.   .

The current and third scheme came into effect on 21 June 2007 and is now out of date. This is both in terms of the documents to be prepared and the timetable.  The scheme can however be viewed via the link below:

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme 2007 [PDF 748KB]pdf logo

Previous schemes including the withdrawn scheme can be viewed on Development Framework Archive page.

An indicative current timetable for the documents currently being prepared namely a new Minerals Local Plan and joint Waste Core Strategy, as set out below:

Key Milestone

Joint Waste Core Strategy

Minerals Core Plan

Informal Consultation

Issues and optionsOctober 2006January 2012
Further issues and optionsSeptember 2010N/A
Preferred optionsJuly 2011July 2012

Submission and examination

Pre-submission - formal Representation periodMarch 2012January 2013
Submission to Secretary of State - examination begins.June 2012April 2013
Pre-hearing meetingJuly 2012June 2013
Hearing stageJuly 2012September 2013


Receipt of Inspector's Report leading to :August 2012December 2013
Adoption if document found sound orDecember 2012February 2014
document withdrawn if not found soundDecember 2012February 2014

Above dates indicative and subject to change.

A new Minerals and Waste Development Scheme will be prepared to take account of new timescales and changes to the planning system that have occurred since the last scheme was prepared. A new scheme is likely to be published after June 2012.   

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Mineral and Waste Development Framework Introduction

Minerals Local Plan Consultation

Have your say on where future mineral quarrying could occur, including locations for new quarries and extensions to existing sites.
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