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Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

Nottinghamshire is a county steeped in heritage, beautiful countryside, distinctive villages and attractive market towns.

Schoolchildren from Haggonfields Primary at the new family picnic area in Rhodesia Through our Local Improvement Scheme (LIS), we are helping regenerate and transform the county’s village and town centres, countryside, businesses, leisure and tourism spots.

The LIS programme helps local people in local communities develop a local 'pride of place' and responsibility for the environment.

The scheme also aims to promote rural initiatives, market town projects that improve the centre’s attractiveness and economic viability, conservation and heritage projects and projects that encourage economic and cultural regeneration.

As well as improving our environment, our towns and villages, LIS also provides jobs for local people, showcases the work of local craftsmen and helps train young people in a trade.

This year more than 400 schemes will be delivered across the county directly as a result of people wanting to make their community a better place to work and live in.

We are committed to investing in the future of our county by working with local people across a diverse mix of environmental, tourism, economic and cultural projects.

Working together we can help Nottinghamshire thrive.

Below is a list of some of the schemes the County Council has helped through LIS:

Contact us

If you have a suggestion for the Local Improvement Scheme please tel: 08449 808080, e-mail: or complete the online scheme suggestion form. View the Local Improvement Scheme guidance notes [PDF 144KB] pdf logo

Download a paper copy of the LIS Suggestion Form [PDF 80KB] pdf logo

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