To sell poisons a person must be either a retail pharmacist or have their name entered on a list held by us.  The list entitles the named person to sell from a specified premise.

A person whose name is entered on the list can only sell poisons which are included in Part II of the Poisons List Order. Poisons contained in Part I of the order may only be sold by a retail pharmacist.

The person, or their named deputies (maximum two), are authorised to sell Part II poisons subject to certain other conditions being met. Some examples of Part II poisons by their trade or common name are given in the table below.

Product Poison Use
Ataka Formic Acid Kettle descaler
Brillo Clearway Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaner
Caustic Soda Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaner
Clean Up 48% Phenols Multi-purpose fungicide
Drain Free Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaner
Elsan Blue Formaldehyde Chemical toilet fluid
Jenolie Bath Stain Remover Phosphoric Acid Stain remover
Kleenoff Drain Cleaner Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaner
Kleenoff Kay De Formic Acid Kettle descaler
Racasan Formaldehyde Chemical toilet fluid
Scrubbs Cloudy Ammonia Above 10% Ammonia Cleaning fluid

The above table of examples is by no means exhaustive. If in doubt examine the container and, if necessary, seek advice from your supplier or the Trading Standards Service.


A fee is payable by any person wishing to have their name included on the list and to re-register each year.

For details of the current fees please contact the Trading Standards Service on 01623 452005.

How to apply and pay

Download the Poisons List Application Form [PDF 120KB] pdf logo fill in and return with a cheque made payable to Nottinghamshire County Council. (The document is in pdf format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download this free of charge by going to plug-ins and viewers)

We will process your application and will normally send you a licence/registration document and receipt for your payment within three working days. In the event that we are unable to send these within this timescale we will contact you to explain the reason for the delay.

For further information contact:

Trading Standards
County House
100 Chesterfield Road South
Dale Close
NG19 7AQ

Tel: 01623 452005

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