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We have moved

The Procurement Centre - which provides specialist support to the Council in all matters relating to the purchase of goods, works and services has now moved to:

County Hall
2nd Floor
West Bridgford

All telephone numbers will remain the same.

View our contracts on the electronic notice board

If you are a supplier and wish to view both our low-level and larger contracts, please visit our electronic contract noticeboard, Source Nottinghamshire, at website:

Doing business with Nottinghamshire County Council

Are you thinking about doing business with Nottinghamshire County Council? Well look no further, as this Selling to Nottinghamshire County Council guide will ensure that you are in a good position to do business with us.

At Nottinghamshire County Council we spend approximately £200 million per annum with 18,000 suppliers and contractors who trade with us, and as the demand for good quality services increases so does the competition.

We consider ourselves to be transparent and fair when conducting business with suppliers and contractors. We aim to give all interested parties an opportunity to tender on equal terms and aim to encourage a diverse range of companies to do business with us.

Download a copy of our document Selling to Nottinghamshire County Council [WORD 80KB] word logo |   Selling to Nottinghamshire County Council [PDF 68KB] pdf logo

In order to read the documents linked from this page you will need Word (for doc word logo format) or Adobe Acrobat reader (for pdf pdf logo format). You can download these free of charge by going to plug-ins and viewers
Useful information on pdf files and their accessibility is available at:

The tools of good procurement

Below is a summary of the most important things you need to know when procuring with the County Council.

Contract opportunities:

Registering as a potential supplier:

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Information on public procurement:

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